Top Vendors: Mobile Device Security Providers

Mobile technology has arrived at the center of the enterprise. Almost every business process, workflow and task intersects with mobility in some way. What’s more, as the internet of things (IoT) takes shape and Industry 4.0 technologies take hold, the need for secure mobile devices and systems grows.

Protecting devices and data is no simple task, however. Organizations must address an array of issues, including device management, authentication, malware, encryption, data management, wireless protocols, and app security. There are also key issues involving network design and topology.

Matching an organization’s requirements with mobile security technology is at the center of a more protected enterprise. Here are 10 of the top mobile security vendors—all of which scored high in eWEEK’s estimation. Other sources included IT Business Edge, Gartner Peer Insights, G2 Crowd, GetApp, eSecurity Planet and vendor websites.

Better Mobile Security

Headquarters: New York, NY
Security solutions: Mobile Threat Defense, EMM/MDM, Mobile Phishing

Protecting mobile devices, particularly Android phones and tablets, is a serious concern for an enterprise. A device can serve as an entry point for malware or an intrusion. Better Mobile Security offers a suite of products designed to protect devices and networks. Its Mobile Threat Defense solution identifies apps that could leak data or cause a breach. It also spots suspicious links at websites and in messaging apps, detects Wi-Fi hotspots that could lead to a man-in-the-middle attack, and ensures that devices are configured correctly and have the latest security patches installed.

The EMM/MDM product provides tools for managing devices across an enterprise. This includes deploy, configure and wipe tools. It also includes device authentication and single sign-on (SSO) that links to policy. The company has partnerships with leading tech providers, including Microsoft, IBM, VMware and Citrix. Users report that the solutions deliver strong protection in an easy-to-use package.


Headquarters: Walnut, Calif.
Security solution: Hexnode MDM

The company has established itself as a leader in MDM and mobile security by delivering enterprise-level unified endpoint management through a single console. The application spans iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows devices. Key features include summary panes on BYOD and compliance, enrollment and policy shortcuts, an activity feed, user location information and geofencing, remote lock and wipe, remote application installation and configuration, auto compliance, and numerous other device management and mobile security features.

Users report that the application delivers strong device management and security capabilities. Users rate the solution high for an intuitive and ease-of-use interface, strong built-in controls along with a high level of flexibility, excellent security features, attractive pricing and strong customer support.


Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minn.
Security solutions: Jamf Pro, JAMF Now

The enterprise mobile device management (MDM) solutions, including Jamf Pro and Jamf Now, allow organizations and their IT professionals to deploy, manage and secure Apple devices, including iPads and iPhones. It includes robust asset management tools, network controllers and an array of other tools and services. These include: inventory management, configuration, patch management, controls over features and functions within apps, passcode and fingerprint locks, the ability to assign and reassign licenses over the air, and the ability to download non-authorized apps and data.

Another powerful and popular feature allows administrators and security teams to create profiles based on groups or teams. Users give the solution high marks for ease-of-use, features, value and customer support.


Headquarters: San Francisco, Calif.
Security solutions: Mobile Endpoint Security, Phishing and Content Protection, App Defense

Lookout takes aim at device security by focusing on protecting data in a “post-perimeter world.” It adopts a zero-trust approach that spans devices and networks. The vendor focuses on monitoring risk at the endpoint and providing conditional access to data, based on a company’s policies. This helps a business identify and understand the spectrum of mobile risk and devote resources to the task more effectively. The vendor’s products also aid in identifying and blocking malware, eliminating vulnerabilities related to data transfer, and finding behavioral anomalies that can lead to a breach or breakdown.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security identifies devices with out-of-date operating systems, configuration risks and devices that have undergone a “jailbreak.” It addresses network-based risks, including host certificate hijacking, SSLStrip attacks, TLS protocol downloads and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Users rate the company high for strong security, ease of use and good support.

ManageEngine (Zoho Corp.)

Headquarters: Pleasanton, Calif.
Security solutions: Mobile Device Manager Plus, AD SelfService Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a mobile device management solution (MDM) that handles device enrollment, setup, configuration, automation and other tasks for iOS and Android mobile devices. Its app management feature offers control over which apps a user installs and what data they are allowed to send and receive. The solution also delivers specific mobile security features by imposing stringent user passcodes, offering remote locking and wipe capabilities for lost, stolen or compromised devices, and using geofencing.

Users report that the solution is simple to set up and use, and it offers strong integration and deployment tools. The vendor’s AD SelfService Plus product addresses password reset management, SSO and account lockout issues. Users give the company high marks for service and support.


Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
Security solutions: MobileIron Access, MobileIron Application Management, MobileIron Mobile Device Management, MobileIron Threat Defense, MobileIron Secure Mobile Content Management, MobileIron Secure Office 365, MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management

Workers are increasingly turning to mobile devices to accomplish tasks outside the walls of the enterprise. MobileIron addresses this challenge by delivering an array of products and solutions that focus on protecting and locking down data. This includes MDM, endpoint security, cloud security and threat and malware detection. The vendor’s endpoint solution, for example, provides a console for view devices across iOS, Android and Windows, it separates personal and business information, and it provides tools for managing devices—including provisioning, deprovisioning and remote wipe.

Enterprise users generally rank the company’s products high for functionality and flexibility. Gartner rates the MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Management Platform a “Customers’ Choice’ for 2018.

Scalefusion (formerly MobiLock Pro)

Headquarters: Nagar, Pune, India
Security solutions: MobileLock Pro

MobiLock Pro delivers a cloud-based MDM solution for Android, iOS and Microsoft devices. It provides a suite of features to manage and control devices—and groups of users—along with commercial and in-house apps. This includes instant updates to devices when making configuration or other changes. Key features include: location tracking, web filtering (blacklisting and whitelisting), asset tracking, network management and device restrictions (including the use of buttons, camera, recording and voice assistants).

The application also offers a multi-app kiosk mode that allows access to the specific set of apps and restricts access to all other apps. Similarly, it aids in mobile content management by creating a security framework based on specific file formats. Finally, MobiLock Pro addresses remote content copy and deletion tasks. Users report that the application is simple to use and that it performs well.


Headquarters: San Francisco/San Jose, Calif.
Security solutions: Okta Single Sign-On, Okta Lifecycle Management, Okta Multi-Factor Authentication

Identity management is a key component of effective mobile security. It allows organizations to manage credentials and simplify IT management within a single sign on (SSO) environment. As the number of devices swell, the need to confirm identities and simplify tasks such as password management becomes more complex. Okta delivers on-demand identity and access management that protects applications and data, on-premises, in devices and in the cloud. This includes products that handle device lifecycle management and multi-factor authentication.

Users report that the platform offers a high level of scalability and flexibility—with near zero need for customization. They also say that Okta offers excellent value and pricing. The product earned Gartner 2018 Customers’ Choice award.


Headquarters: San Francisco, Calif.
Security solutions: Mobile Security, Data Management

Detecting threats on mobile platforms requires deep visibility into apps, devices and services. Wandera provides insight into various conditions and behaviors, including password leaks, risky hotspots, insecure credentials, sideloaded apps, and outdated versions of apps and operating systems. It also identifies phishing attempts and blocks compromised devices from using outbound connections to send data to intruders.

The vendor’s data management tool provides security protections through content filtering and enforcing acceptable use policies. Users report that the vendor offers highly effective tools and a strong customer focus.


Headquarters: Dallas, Tx.
Security solutions: zIPS Device Protection, z3A Advanced App Analysis, zIAP In-app Protection, zANTI Diagnostic

Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Defense platform delivers a suite of products and tools that address device security, app security and network protection. The zIPS product delivers mobile intrusion prevention for iOS and Android devices. It checks the health of devices by detecting both known and unknown threats using OS statistics, CPU and other system parameters. The z3A tool monitors for app risk across devices and finds code, app behavior and other vulnerabilities that can lead to a breach or breakdown.

The zIAP product addresses other threats, including authentication requirements, invalidated sessions and logouts, unwanted data residing in caches, potential fraud and managing content, including reducing certain functions to read-only. Enterprise users give the company top grades for implementation, usability and customer support.

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