How Do I Activate Amazon Prime With MetroPCS?

How can I activate Amazon Prime for Metro PCS?

Activation. Submit your information to using offer code SMPAP. Within one week, you will receive an email with a link that allows you to activate your year of Amazon Prime on MetroPCS. Once you receive your email, you will be able visit Amazon Prime’s website to activate the service.

MetroPCS and Amazon Prime are free

MetroPCS now includes Amazon Prime and is Metro by T-Mobile

Customers will have the option of two unlimited data plans, which include Amazon Prime or Google One.

How do I activate Amazon Prime?

Get Amazon Prime Monthly Membership or 1-Year Membership

You can sign up for Amazon Prime monthly, 1-year or paid memberships anytime in the future by going to Amazon Prime page. Click or tap on the sign-up button. Follow the on-screen instructions for payment completion and signing up.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members enjoy benefits such as free shipping on eligible orders, streaming of movies, TV series, and music, exclusive shopping offers and selections, unlimited reading, etc.

How can you get Amazon Prime free of charge?

Amazon Prime is your best option for

  • The standard trial is free.
  • Students get 6 months free.
  • Amazon Household is a great deal.
  • Sprint Unlimited is your chance to get a free Amazon Prime membership.
  • American Express offers three months free!
  • Government assistance: Discounts for people

What is the cost of Amazon Prime?

A.: Amazon Prime membership fees are $119 per year, or $12.99 per monthly. You can cancel at any time. The first 30 days of your annual subscription are completely free. However, students can receive a substantial price reduction. Amazon Student accounts receive many of the same Prime benefits and are free for the first six month.

Metro: Is Amazon Prime Free?

T-Mobile’s plans do not include Amazon Prime or Google One. However, there are many other benefits. Metro by T-Mobile customers pay $50 for unlimited data and Google One. However, there is no Amazon Prime or Google One and only a 5GB LTE hotspot.

How can I access my Amazon Prime account?

Download the Amazon Prime Video app from your smartphone’s app store. Register your device by clicking “sign in and begin watching”. You can also enter your account information on your device directly. Or, you can click “register on Amazon” to receive a 5- to 6-character code.

What is the maximum number of members who can use Amazon Prime?

You can have as many devices as you like on your account, but there are limitations on how many people can simultaneously stream video from the same account. Amazon Prime limits you to two simultaneous streams per account, while Netflix, Hulu, and HBO allow only one stream.

Amazon Prime is free for seniors

Amazon Prime Offers: Reduced Membership

Amazon is now offering a lower membership rate for low-income customers to include Medicaid recipients. Amazon’s $5.99 monthly discount is more than half the price of a full-price membership of $10.99.

Amazon Prime: How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost for Seniors?

Amazon Prime fees are $119 per annum or $12.99 per monthly. The annual plan will cost you $9.92 per month. Amazon Prime membership fees are $119 per annum or $12.99 per mois. Students can still get Prime Student for $59 per annum (or $6.49/month).

Amazon offers military discounts

Amazon discounts can be obtained in many ways. Although there are no savings for every purchase, veterans, military personnel and active duty personnel often sign up for Amazon Prime.

How can I find out if I have an Amazon Prime Account?

Log in to Amazon and choose Your Account to check if your Amazon Prime membership is active. To access Manage Your Prime Membership, click on Your Prime Membership. The left sidebar displays your current membership status under your name.

How can I add a device into my Amazon Prime account?

Register your Kindle here

  1. Select the Menu icon from Home and then choose Settings.
  2. Select My account (newer generation devices) or Registration (earlier generation devices).
  3. You can specify the Amazon account that you wish to use. Enter your Amazon account information.

What is my Amazon Prime number?

Where can I find my Amazon account numbers? Log in to the Amazon AWS Management console and go to “My Account”. The account number is located in top right corner under the account name.

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